Buckingham YB

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Race Markings
14 September 2017
Race Date
16 September 2017

Clock Stations and Race Marking

Area Location Time Conveners
Aberdeen Woodside Comm Centre 11am to 1pm A Rae
Clocks: Sunnybank RPC
Bo'ness Bo'ness HS Club Rooms 4pm to 7pm
Clocks: W Doudie
Dundee Douglas RPC 1:30pm to 3:30pm F Murray
Fife Glenrothes & Leslie PC, KY6 3DT 3pm to 6pm J McCord
S Donaldson
W Foreman
Section B Stoneyhill Comm Centre, Musselburgh 2pm to 6pm E McLintock
Section E Newmains Club Rooms 5pm to 8pm D Elliot
Ayrshire Kilmarnock Club Rooms 4:30pm to 6:30pm H Wallace
Gretna Springfield HS 7:30pm to 9pm R White
Clocks: Springfield HS


Race Trophies

Archibald McEwen Memorial Trophy
awarded to the winner of the race
Usher Tankard
awarded to the winner of the race

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