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Billiericay - 06 June 2015
Race Marking 04 June 2015

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Phone 09063 656715 to record the arrival of your bird

The late Hugh Higgins

Ex SNFC President Hugh Higgins has sadly passed away.

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info 27/02/2015

Request for Special General Meeting

Further to recent request for a Special General Meeting please find attached response from SNFC

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info 21/02/2015

SNFC / SNRPC - Longest Race

Following our AGM, a meeting of officials from SNFC & SNRPC took place on 2nd February to discuss joint convoying for the Longest Race. The meeting proved to be quite positive, however after discussion at a recent committee meeting it was felt that this decision should not be taken by the committee and should be decided by members at the next AGM. Details of this meeting have not been posted until now to allow SNRPC the courtesy of discussing this with their members at AGM.

info 16/02/2015