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Registered members of the Scottish Homing Union are welcome to join the SNFC.

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Upcoming race

Buckingham YB - 15 September 2018
Race Marking 13 September 2018

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Lib Line

Phone 09063 656715 to record the arrival of your bird

Gold Cup Race

We were recently advised that Liege is no longer available as a liberation point so following discussions and recommendations from Belgian authorities the Gold Cup Race on Friday 28th June will now be flown from BURDINNE

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info 05/03/2019

YB Sale

Proposed SNFC Breeder / Buyer YB sale - date April 14th 2019

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info 29/01/2019

Annual General Meeting

The following motions were passed at the Annual General Meeting on 12th January 2019 ....

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info 14/01/2019