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Registered members of the Scottish Homing Union are welcome to join the SNFC.

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Upcoming race

Young Bird National Buckingham - 13 September 2014
Race Marking 11 September 2014

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Lib Line

Phone 09063 656715 to record the arrival of your bird

Presentation Dinner-Dance

Anyone who has not yet purchased tickets for the presentation dance on 25th October and wishing to attend please contact the secretary as soon as possible as final numbers are required for Wednesday 22nd October


Ypres Race Incident 2014

Upon discovery by the convoyers of a top back lid seal missing on one of the baskets at the liberation site at Ypres the President instructed the convoyers to record all ring details and re-rubber all the birds in this basket in the presence of Stefaan van Moerbeke - our contact and adviser at Ypres.

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Late Bred Sale

On behalf of the management committee President Dr P P Lynch wishes to convey his thanks to all who donated birds to the late-bred sale and to those who made donations for their very generous support of the SNFC.

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