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Registered members of the Scottish Homing Union are welcome to join the SNFC.

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Upcoming race

Falaise - 21 July 2017
Race Marking 18 July 2017

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Lib Line

Phone 09063 656715 to record the arrival of your bird


199 members have sent 802 birds to Falaise Section A - 154; Section B - 143; Section C - 281; Section D - 43; Section E - 124; Section F - 8; Section G - 49

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info 19/07/2017

Alencon Result

Please note that Alencon result is not in normal format and has to be downloaded from race page (beside pool sheets, entry forms etc)

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info 08/07/2017

Alencon Race

President John McCord will be calling a meeting of the Management Committee to discuss matters following the Gold Cup Race from Alencon once all relevant information has been collated.

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info 07/07/2017